2017 Annual Parish Report and All Saints Fund

The Annual Parish Report is available on the Parish Website.

The document includes a report from the All Saints Rebuilding Group on Page 10.

The 2016 Accounts for the Parish (Registered Charity 1129190) are also available. The All Saints Fund is a restricted fund of the Charity – all donations to the All Saints Fund will be used for the purposes of the Fund.

Although we have not officially launched an appeal, the All Saints Fund continued to grow thanks to the activities and contributions of many people whose efforts and generosity are very much appreciated. The Fund now stands (end 2016) at over £64K.

To date our insurers have paid out over £400K towards the rebuilding costs (e.g. for clearance, scaffolding, architects, security, quantity surveyors, structural engineers, conservators etc. etc.). So far the Buildings Group has had to engage with and supervise well over 20 different companies covering a wide range of disciplines, an enormous amount of time and effort.