All Saints Update – March 2018

We remain determined to bring good out of a bad event by not only rebuilding All Saints, but also improving it, for our generation
and generations to come. Although there are conservation groups that have prevented us from doing what we believed we should do, we are still pressing on to provide our community with the best church building possible.

Any delay has been caused by those have the power to grant us their permission, or not; not by our architects or rebuilding committee, all of whom are working very hard to get this project done.

All Saints Church – The “tin roof” protected the fabric of the church from further damage by the “Beast from the East”.

We have more hurdles to get over, but we are working as fast as we can and making good progress. Please pray that no more obstacles
will stand in our way, and please share all of this with those you know in the community who are interested. Thank you for your patience, prayers, and good will.