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Link to see April 2018 plans for rebuilding All Saints Church in full screen.

Latest plans for rebuilding All Saints Church – April 2018

Click on the video below to view the presentation of the latest plans as presented to the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 19 April 2018 or click here to view the video full screen .This video has no sound.

Please read the  Questions and Answers on these plans here.

Sponsor Mark’s Walk for All Saints

Our Vicar Mark will be taking part in  Fleet Fun Walk  on Saturday 28th April 2018 to raise funds for the rebuilding of All Saints Church.


The walk organised by Fleet Rotary is 8.2 miles around Fleet’s nature reserves and the Basingstoke Canal.


If you would like to sponsor him, click on the button below to go to Mark’s sponsorship page:

Donate to our event through BT MyDonate

If the button doesn’t work, click on this link or copy the link into your browser: Thank you for your support.

If you’d like to join Mark on the Fun Walk see the details here.  If you want to set up your own sponsorship page for All Saints Fund click here.

Join Fleet Fun Walk for All Saints on 28 April.

Join Fleet Fun Walk (FFW 2018) organised by Fleet Rotary
on Saturday 28th April 2018.
100% of all your sponsor funds will go to All Saints Fund

Our Vicar, Revd Mark Hayton, will be walking in aid of All Saints Fund – please join him on the walk if you can! You can also sposor hime here:

The walk is around Fleet for 8.2 miles over flat paths with an opt-out at 4.5 miles
Visit Elvetham Heath Nature Reserve, Ancell’s Farm, Fleet Pond, Basingstoke Canal Towpath

How about a Parish Lunch at Sandy Bay?

Start/Finish: Calthorpe Park
Start 0900-1200 hours

Route, registration, sponsor forms

If you would like to set up your own Sponsorship page for All Saints Fund you can start here: .

Email Chris Johnson if you have any questions.

Photo credit: Fleet Rotary

New Plans for All Saints at APCM on 19 April

The latest, and we hope final, plans for the rebuilding of All Saints  will be unveiled at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 19th April at 7.30 pm in Ss Philip & James.

Update Sunday 15 April: Following the meeting, the plans will be submitted for preliminary approval by the Diocesean Advisory Committee and Hart District Council.  These are the main authorities responsible for approving any plans, but they will consult others including conservation bodies.

Meanwhile, a heating feasibility study is being done to  determine the best system for the new building. This will include  an exploration of solar and ground source heating.

All members of our church family are welcome to attend.

Please pray for our Architects, David Spragg and David Finlay as they prepare the latest set of plans for approval.

More details of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting together with the Parish Annual Report and Annual Accounts, can be found on the Parish website. The Annual Report will have a summary of the progress on rebuilding.


The Accounts of The Parochial  Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of All Saints Fleet, (Charity No. 1129190) includes the All Saints Fund.


All Saints Update – March 2018

We remain determined to bring good out of a bad event by not only rebuilding All Saints, but also improving it, for our generation
and generations to come. Although there are conservation groups that have prevented us from doing what we believed we should do, we are still pressing on to provide our community with the best church building possible.

Any delay has been caused by those have the power to grant us their permission, or not; not by our architects or rebuilding committee, all of whom are working very hard to get this project done.

All Saints Church – The “tin roof” protected the fabric of the church from further damage by the “Beast from the East”.

We have more hurdles to get over, but we are working as fast as we can and making good progress. Please pray that no more obstacles
will stand in our way, and please share all of this with those you know in the community who are interested. Thank you for your patience, prayers, and good will.

All Saints Update – February 2018

We are making fast and steady progress in drawing up detailed plans  for the rebuilding.
We have been visited by the diocesan heating advisor, and by our electrical and mechanical designer.
We have also had a visit from our tree consultant.
All this is vital in enabling our architects to draw up detailed plans, which will be unveiled when they are completed and submitted to the local authority for their response.
We are putting together a fundraising group – ideas or experience in this area, please speak to the Vicar.

Community Carols at All Saints Church – 16 December

Join us to sing Community Carols outside All Saints Church on Saturday 16 December at 4.00pm.

This will be followed by mulled wine and mince pies in the Fleet Parish Community Centre afterwards.

All Saints Church, Church Road, Fleet, GU51 4NB




All Saints Update Q&A – December 2017

QUESTION – Will All Saints Church be rebuilt?

ANSWER – Yes it most certainly will, and it will be better than ever.

QUESTION – Will it look like it did before?

ANSWER – Yes it will. From Church Road it will look much as it always did. Inside, the structure of the church will be substantially as it always was.

QUESTION – What will look different?

ANSWER – On the north side (Behind the church, where the churchyard is) we hope to build a new lady chapel, vestry, meeting rooms, and other facilities, with a cloister and separate entrance in order to provide facilities for prayer, reflection, small meetings – even some larger gatherings, which will we hope honour God and serve our community. We also plan to improve access to the church by restoring the west end entrance and porch that were there when the church was first built.

QUESTION – What about the font, pulpit, monuments, etc

ANSWER – The new All Saints will have all of these things. The old font was so badly damaged it will need to be replaced. The pulpit and monument can be repaired. Decisions will have to be made about when and how to repair these in a way that means the new church is fit for purpose for many years to come, rather than simply reproducing what was there before. –

QUESTION – How long will all this take?

ANSWER – It will probably not be completed until the latter half of 2020.

QUESTION – Why is it taking so long?

ANSWER – From the beginning we were determined to bring something positive and good out of the tragedy that was the fire. We want the church to serve God and our community for many years to come and we want the new church to be the best it can be. None of us anticipated that it would take so long to clear, make safe, make plans, consult, appoint architects and other experts, produce a mountain of necessary paperwork and obtain the necessary permissions – all before a brick is placed! Others who have been through this experience tell us that actually we are moving quite quickly!

QUESTION – What is happening now?

ANSWER – We are working with our architects and the church community on the fine detail of the plans for rebuilding. We are working with our insurers on how much it will cost and how much they will give us to pay for it. We are making plans for fund raising, which will almost certainly be necessary if we are to get the building we need. We are working with the diocese and others to get the permissions we will need to embark on the project. Things are now moving very quickly.

QUESTION – How much will it cost?

ANSWER – We don’t know, because we still don’t have the final plans and costings. The church was fully insured and so most of the money will be paid for by insurance. The extra features we want to build will have to be paid for by making savings elsewhere, and/or from fundraising. The community of Fleet and others have already donated over £70,000 to the project without our having asked, so we are confident that money will be there to complete the project.

QUESTION – When can we see the plans?

ANSWER – The options we have been exploring up to now have been published on our website. New, more detailed plans will be available by the Spring, and will be widely publicised then.

Revd Mark Hayton, Vicar

All Saints Update – October 2017

You will know that for some time now we have been working to achieve the goal of rebuilding All Saints in such a way that it will serve future generations even better than it has served us. One of the ways people told us this would best be achieved was by removing some, or all, of the pillars from within the nave of the church. We have therefore been working on options to achieve this.

It has now become clear, however, that we are very unlikely ever to be given permission from the relevant authorities to significantly change the internal structure of the church, and so, reluctantly, the PCC have now decided to abandon this route and instead to work on the best achievable building option.

This decision has been made because

  • Every expert advising us has advised us that permission will never be granted to remove pillars
  • Pursuing this option further would entail further significant delay to the project, with no real expectation of success.
  • Delay is doing harm to our ongoing mission and ministry, as well as the good will of our community.
  • Delay will significantly increase the eventual cost of the project, and reduce the proportion of that cost likely to be recoverable from insurance.

For all these reasons I believe that the PCC have made the correct decision, though I appreciate that not everyone will agree.

Please be assured that following other options will still mean that we will have a much improved new All Saints which will respect and celebrate much of the past, whilst providing significantly for the future.

We will still be striving to improve access, sight lines, natural light sources, toilet facilities, lighting, heating, sound etc. The options for a restored west end entrance, and extended facilities on the north side of the church are still very much part of our plans, and we believe that these goals are achievable.

There will still be many hurdles to get over however, so please continue to pray for the building group, our architects, and all involved directly with the project.